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Relikc is a funk band from Malta. The band's current lineup consists of Keith Zammit (vocals), Luke Grech (guitars), Ivan Giordano (bass), Joseph Axiak (keyboards), and Lesnich Vassallo (drums).



Having collaborated together in several bands and projects during their school years, the founding members gravitated towards each other, eventually forming a formal band in 2009. Throughout the years, Relikc crammed its schedule with a multitude of gigs, and released a number of songs establishing its position in the local music scene.

2014 was a year of significant change for Relikc. Following a change in line-up, the band focused on rebuilding its tight and energetic performance, and released its latest single, Prime Time, accompanied by a music video. Relikc also hit the stage multiple times, making a much enjoyed return to the Farson's Beer Festival, as well as other events and festivals of such scale.

The band is constantly trying to improve its game, and push the envelope. Though typically a 5-piece band, the members have recently been inviting other musicians and performers to join them on stage and contribute with their musical expertise. Relikc reaches its culmination as a 9-piece power house of funk, guaranteed to make you dance and sing!

Album Releases

'It's Not Misspelt' - EP (2015)

featuring songs:

Prime Time


Sharon Kaydee

Reach Out

Single Releases

Tomorrow (2009)

Mindwreck (2010)

Rollercoaster (2010)

Take The Blame (2011)

Nothin' On My Mind (2011)

Prime Time (2014)

Music Videos

Take The Blame (2011)

Prime Time (2014)

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