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Mario Camilleri

Mario Camilleri born on 20 August, 1977. He comes from Rabat, Malta. He is a musician writer.

Mario Camilleri

Mario has always had the desire to learn music and play a musical instrument.

Although he did not have the opportunity to do so as a child, he still did not give up and began to learn the guitar in the last six years with Robert Callus, and from there he kept progressing.

He joined Magdalene Farrugia in 2017 about four years ago and the duo band MeadowStrings was formed. From that point onwards, Mario began to fulfill his dream of releasing original songs. He is the most inspired of the two because he writes all the original songs.

It is worth mentioning that Mario was the mastermind behind the shooting of the videos for the last three songs released.

He took the initiative and worked alone to produce the most satisfying product. One can always see it with your own eyes if you peek in the band’s youtube channel.

The songs released so far bear the name, Alive and Away which are written in English. After a year, Tbexbex was created which was a hit on the Maltese radio stations.

The band does not seek any style as it varies from one song to another. However, you can notice a touch of Country and Irish pop in the songs released so far.

The song, Niftakar, has helped them achieve their dream in being part of the 16 competitors in such a prestigious festival, L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2021.

What the future holds remains to be seen. Who knows? Maybe there will be more songs written by Mario and composed by Magdalene.

On Saturday 7 August, 2021 MeadowStrings performed the song Niftakar lyrics by Mario Camilleri and music by Magdalene Farrugia win the title Best Song writer beside they win the third prize.