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KulTural is an alternative Maltese acoustic band from Ħal Għargħur that first appeared on the local scene in 2010.

The band members are percussionist (and didgeridoo player) Bertu Aquilina, violinist Gabriel Gauci, vocalist Ru Boo, and guitarist and backing singer Aaron Debattista.

Ru Boo stands out as the band's frontman with a new slant on Maltese poetry, combining distinctly witty Maltese idioms with rap. His beat boxing skills add a quirky twist to this line up. Aaron plays intricate guitar melodies and his adds texture through his booming voice. Gabriel on violin infuses the music with a Sicilian feel that hints at the band's traditional roots. And Bertu's rhythmic percussion drives the band and is a pleasure to watch live as he multi tasks between didgeridoo, djembe and cajon.

On Saturday 14 May 2011 they released their debut EP recorded at Noise Studios during a live gig at Għargħur's Ġnien il-Paċi, where they were supported by an unplugged set from Red Electrick, as well as Irie Flow and DJ Mancell Gee.

In April 2012 they won the 36th edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu with their song Malta Tiegħi.

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