Jean Busuttil Zaleski

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Jean Busuttil Zaleski

Jean Busuttil Zaleski (11 April 1920 - 2 May 2010) was an artist from Birkirkara, Malta.

She had emigrated to United States of America with her family at the age of eight. Most of her works were inspired by the images of her discoveries while exploring the magical prehistoric temples of Malta during her many visits and others were inspired by memories of her childhood here. Examples of this inspirations are present in Ancestor Cliffs and Caves and series Mnemonic Icons.

In her artist’s statement Jean highlights Passion demands expression from an artist. My paintings happen as a result of that demand. (...) I paint in series. I paint themes that fire the need to express how I feel about a particular subject. At times, it might be something buried deep in my subconcious that seeps into the present and fires that zeal. Then I must explore that subject until the fire burns out, or another subject captures my spirit. [1] and that is why her art comes from very different experiences.

Among the highlights of her career were an invitation to the White House by former President Jimmy Carter and receiving the `Susan B. Anthony Award` for painting from the National Organisation of Women in 1986, in New York City Hall. She has been a resident Fellow of the Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts since 1975 and has been instrumental in establishing a vital link between the centre, the University of Malta and St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity.

Selected Solo Exhibitions 1970-2002

  • 2002: "Malta: Memories and Explorations", St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Malta;
  • 2000: "Retrospective: Four Decades of Painting", Westbeth Gallery, New York City;
  • 1997-98: Myung Sook in Lee Gallery, New York City;
  • 1996: Trinity College Fine Arts Center - Hartford, CT;
  • 1995: A/E Gallery, New York City;
  • 1993: Sweet Briar College - Sweet Briar, VA;
  • 1991: Z Gallery, New York City;
  • 1988-89: Citicorp Center, New York City;
  • 1987: Romano Gallery - Barnegat Light, NJ;
  • 1986: Elaine Starkman Gallery, New York City;
  • 1983: Hodgell Galleries - Sarasota, FL;
  • 1982: Second Street Gallery - Charlottesville, VA;
  • 1981: Virginia Center for the Creative Arts - Sweet Briar, VA;
  • 1979-80: Alonzo Gallery, New York City;
  • 1975: Adelphi University - Hempstead, NY;
  • 1974: Galleria Stuciv - Florence, Italy;
  • 1973: Il Gabbiano Galleries - Naples, Italy;
  • 1971: Wallnuts Gallery - Philadelphia, PA;
  • 1970: Neikrug Gallery, New York City.

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • "Recent Acquisitions", Museum of the City of New York, New York City;
  • "New York Collection", Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo, NY;
  • Virginia Museum Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, VA;
  • Travelling Exhibition, Bayly Museum Charlottesville, VA;
  • "Painting and Paperworks: Women in the Arts" Queens College New York, NY;
  • Elaine Benson Gallery Bridgehampton, NY;
  • "Westbeth Artists" Westbeth Gallery New York, NY;
  • "Artists Choice: Women in the Arts" Women in the Arts Gallery New York, NY;
  • "Works on Paper: Women Artists" Brooklyn Museum New York, NY;
  • "Connections: Painting and Poetry" Pace University New York, NY;
  • "Eleven Women Artists" Sweet Briar College Sweet Briar, VA;
  • "Three New York Artists" Museum of the Hudson Highlands Cornwall, NY;
  • "Women Artists" City University of New York New York, NY;
  • "Four New York Artists" Frick Museum Pittsburgh, PA;
  • Oklahoma Art Center Oklahoma City, OK;
  • Albany Institute of History and Art Albany, NY;
  • National Academy of Art New York, NY;
  • Palazzo Vecchio Florence, Italy;
  • The Art Alliance Philadelphia, PA;
  • The Print Club Philadelphia, PA;
  • Denver Museum Denver, CO;
  • "ART/USA" New York, NY;
  • "International Women's Arts Festival", Cannes, France (Gold Medal).

Permanent Public Collections

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City;
  • Museum of the City of New York - New York City;
  • New York Public Library - New York City;
  • National Museum of Fine Arts - Valletta, Malta;
  • Slater Memorial Museum - Norwich, CT;
  • Smithsonian Archives of American Art;
  • Virginia Center for the Creative Arts - Sweet Briar, VA;
  • Ragdale Foundation - Lake Forest, Il;
  • American Studies Center - Naples, Italy;
  • Pfizer Inc. - Corporate offices, New York City;
  • Cargill LTD - Corporate offices, Winnipeg, Canada.

Awards and Grants

  • 1987: Artist's Space - New York, NY (Grant);
  • 1982: National Endowment for the Arts/Brown University- RI (Grant);
  • 1970: International Women's Arts Festival - Cannes,France (Gold Medal).

Books Published

  • 1981: "COW/LINES" in collaboration with poet Edwin Honig Copper Beech Press, publisher - Providence, RI;
  • 1995 "Winged Spirits" Collage Paintings by Jean Zaleski. With twenty-four Contemporary American Poets, poetry edited by F.D. Reeve Bayeux Arts Inc., publisher - Calgary, AB, Canada.

Special Honors

  • 1986: National Organization for Women - Susan B. Anthony Award in the field of painting;
  • 1975: White House Invitation from President Carter - delegation of five women artists.

Resident Fellowships

  • 1975-2001: Virginia Center for the Creative Arts - Sweet Briar, VA;
  • 1997: British Academy - Rome, Italy;
  • 1986-92: Ragdale Foundation - Lake Forest, IL;
  • 1991: Tyrone Guthrie Foundation - County Monaghan, Ireland;
  • 1986: Banff Centre for the Arts - Banff, Canada;
  • 1981-82: Ossabaw Foundation - Ossabaw Island, GA;
  • 1977: Montalvo Center for the Arts - Saratoga, CA;
  • 1971-75: MacDowell Foundation - Peterborough, NH.

Visiting Artist

  • Stanford University, CA;
  • Adelphi University, NY;
  • Hofstra University, NY;
  • Brooklyn College, NY;
  • Sweet Briar College, VA;
  • Hollins College, VA;
  • Randolph Macon Women's College, VA;
  • North Carolina Arts Council, NC;
  • University of South Florida, FL;
  • United States Embassy, Malta;
  • St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Malta.

Selected Professional Listings

  • Who's Who in America;
  • Who's Who in American Art;
  • Who's Who of American Women;
  • World Who's Who of Women;
  • American Artists of Renown;
  • Distinguished Americans;
  • International Who's Who of Professional and Business Women;
  • Men and Women of Distinction;
  • Who's Who in Society.

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