Jason Paul Cassar

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Jason Paul Cassar born at Paola on 13 September, 1969. Composer.

Jason Paul come from a musical family, his grandfather, was Paul Arnaud who give him his frist love to the music when he begin to give him the first music lessons. Jason also studied under Mro.Joseph Sammut and played clarinet with the La Valette Band Club. He studied music theory under Prof. Charles Zammit and followed a correspondence course in recording techniques.

He plays various instruments including saxophone, Clarinet, and keyboards.

He started composing in 1990 with the original score for the film in Maltese Mera tal-Passat. Having composed several popular songs, his big break came in 1995 when hu set his own reconrding studios. He participated in various song festivals, gaining popularity. Holma ta’ Sliem lyrics by Sunny Aquilina and sung by Chaira Siracuza and won 2nd place in the PBS song Festival.

Jason and Summy got many works together Sammy write the lyrics and Jason composer, The same trip produced Għanjet il-Poplu, Ismgħani Ftit Ħabib, and It-Tlett Ibliet, all of them may sung by chiara Siracuza and with this last song she placed 3rd in the Għanja tal-Poplu Festival.

He make an orginal composition Born To Love this time lyrics with Doris Chetcuti and sung by Debbie Scerri and Alexander Schembri and won The Song for Greece Festival in 1995. Alexander Schembri and Marisa D’Amato sung his song in Song For Europe Festival and in 1996 he had two songs in the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija L-Isbaħ Żmien sung by Debbie Scerri and Idejja it-Tnejn Sung by Chiara.

In 1998 with Sunny Aquilina got a duet Għal Xulxin by Adelina Attard and Renato Micallef and won 2nd in the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija 1998.

Jason Paul Cassar obtained his greatest success with the charming ballad The One That I Love again with lyrics by Sunny Aquilina and sung by Chiara. Which won the Malta Song For Europe 1998 and finishing 3rd place in the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 held in Birmingham.

His So Much sung by Adelina Attard won the 1 st prize in Varna Bulgaria in the Contest Discovery 2000. In 1998 Jason Paul Cassar was awarded Best Composer in the Malta Music Awards 1998