Ivan De Gabriele

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Ivan Degabriele

Ivan De Gabriele (born 26 September 1967) is a musician from Sliema who resides in Ħal Luqa.

In 2004, Ivan founded the The Voice Academy Malta, but he was involved in the music scene practically all his life. Ivan studied music, singing, cello and theory after obtaining all his music qualifications locally. Then he furthered his studies at the Conservatoire National in Lyons, France obtaining his Music degree.

Ivan formed part of the Malta National Orchestra for over eleven years as a full time professional musician. He is currently teaching Creative Arts at Stella Maris College. He has taught Music especially singing for over twenty years. He has coached individuals at a theatre art school and children with special needs at a specialised school for over seven years.

He has conducted the Stella Maris College boys’ choir both locally and in England and Vienna. The choir has also recorded a CD album under his guidance. Ivan has also organised Master classes as the Principal of The Voice Academy Malta, in Malta and in the UK together with the BIMM Music Institute.

Ivan firmly believes that the only way for a person to sing in the proper and professional way is through obtaining a concrete knowledge of all basic vocal training techniques, a steady posture and a proper breathing method. All these are essential tools to obtain high quality performances.