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Indri Attard

Indri Attard was born on 16 Febuary, 1980. He is an actor, radio presenter and Artist.

Andrew started his career as a radio presenter in 1998 on Radio 101. He was the first to introduce a complete radio show to local music. After two years he was given the opportunity to present the breakfast show for the same station and he continued doing so for seven years.

Indri Attard

During the same period he also debuted on TV, presenting Familja Sajf and later Forċina both on Net TV. As an actor he had the opportunity to interpret various characters including Dun Ġorg Preca in one of Elio Lombardi’s production in 2000.

He was part of the cast of Dejjem Tiegħek Becky for four years and later also starred in another TV series Rubini. In 2004 he attended an intensive course regarding Videography and Direction at the Malta Institute of Videography under the guidance of Paul Galea. In 2005 he organised the Music Festival Ilħna Ġodda for young artists. This was held at Sir Temi Zammit Hall at the University of Malta.

In 2006 he produced an Enzo Gusman concert in the same theatre. In 2008 he produced and directed a film for the local cinema Mħuħ. He also produced a number of theatrical productions.

During 2011 and 2012 he presented the program Illostra on One TV. In 2012 he joined Radju Malta, presenting the daily breakfast show. During the same time he was employed as a producer with Where’s Everybody, producing Bla Kantunieri airing as part of the TV programmes ‘TV Hemm’ and ‘Xarabank’. He also wrote and produced the Biographies of Hector Bruno and Charles Arrigo for the programme Biografiji.

Indri is also an artist and statuary. He started his studies with Angelo Agius, studying in particular the human anatomy. His works include a number of private collection items. One of his most known works is the Redemmer at Santu Wistin Church in Valletta.

From October 2014 Indri joined Radio RTK, presenting the Sunday Breakfast show.

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