Gerard James Borg

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Gerard James Borg

Gerard James Borg born in Floriana on 28 August ,1970. He is a Songwriter and desiger.

He received his education at Stella Maris College at il-Gżira after which he also studied graphic art and indertook a course in tourism studies.

The Artistic olrd fascinated him since he was a boy, so he continued to paint and design and by the age of 23 some of his works landed on the fesk of he editor in chief of as German Magazine.

Gerard achieved great satisfaction in the fashion field, and even as a songwriter too, He began to write and was encouraged by composer Philip Vella who was eager to set music for Gerard James lyrics.

In 1998 he submitted one of his songs for Malta’s Selection of the Song For Europe Festival. On 1999 he submitted Brethless which not made it through, but the interpretation by Claudette Pace was placed in 5th past in the Final Night.

Continuing With His collaboaration with composer Philip Vella, in 2000 he had Desire also sung by Claudette Pace, which won the Maltese selectin Festival and during the Eurovision Song Contest held at Stockholm was placed eight.

In 2001 his song Spellbound interpreted by Ira Losco placed 2nd in Malta’s Song For Europe Festival. This song was voted by the Maltese Public as the Best Song of the Decade. During the same year he also wrote Power of Pink for UK’s Gay Pride. 2002 was the year og great successes for Gerard. He had two songs in the final selection of Malta’s Song For Europe, 7th Wonder which interpreted by Ira Losco eventually won the Festival and represented the country in the Eurovision Song Contest held in Tallinn in Estonias where it placed second and was very close to win. Whilst the other song , Dazzel Me interpreted by Paula placed 5th. In the Malta Festival.

The Following years Borg was rapressented at the Malta Song For Europe with Superstitius by the sisters Natasha Grima and Charlene Grima which placed fifth. Also in 2003 he wrote the official song for the Small States of Europe Games Reaching Higher sung by Ira Losco. After the experience at Eurovision Song Contest, hw was aked to write a song for the Dutch Selection festival for Eurovision Heatwave which interpreted by Ebonique and placed 4 th at the final round held at the Ahoy in Rotterdam. He also write Ever So Strong the title track of the Net Television program L-isfida. Also in 2003 7th wonder was released in Sweeden by Ida.

In 2004 he got another winning song On Again…Off Again sung by the duo Julie Zahra and Ludwig Galea which at the Eurovision Song Contest held at Istanbul in Turkey placed 12th in the final night.

During the Malta’s selection Festival he also had Tango 4 Two interpreted by Keith Camilleri and placed 6th. He got to Intensity which took part the Golden Stag Festival and also ‘Mood Swing’ for Julie & Ludwig and placed 2nd in the Mega Hit Festival in Turkey.

In 2005 Gerard wrote Déjà Vu for Olivia Lewis placed 2nd in the Malta final night.and for the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2005 he wrote Velvet Blue with music by Arve Fursel and performed by Kathrine Strugstad and finished at eight place. He try with another song next year Absolutely Fabulous and was one of the 18 chossing that year in 2006 Melodi Grand Prix.

In 2007 his song Vertigo won the Malta Song For Europe sung by Olivia Lewis, and represented malta in the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Helsinki Finland.

Gerard was also a photographer and participated in the local Dungill Photographic Competition, and also made design on glass.and even wrote a book named Sliema Wives.