Dylan De Bono

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Dylan De Bono

Dylan De Bono (Dylan Debono) was born in Pieta on 17 February 1991 from Marsaskala. He is a Maltese singer, musician and songwriter, mostly in the genre of Pop music. Dylan showed an interest in music early on, at a very young age. He was self-thought in guitar, percussion, piano and singing.

Dylan De Bono

Dylan spent many years in several local bands and projects, taking part in local battle-of-the-bands competitions and performing at small local gigs and university parties. His most fruitful collaboration was with Marius Abela. The two formed a Pop Duo called Royals. The pair co wrote several tracks, and released 3 - About You, Everything and Day and Night. They all did very well in the local charts, each spending several weeks in the PRS top 3. Their most successful release was Day and Night, which gained some attention on foreign radio airplay and gained the attention of a few European record labels. In 2018 Dylan took part in the Malta X Factor. Royals never signed a deal and split in 2019.

Dylan spent 2019 to 2021 writing a solo project. He locked himself in the studio and collaborated closely with the well-known producer David Vella, (Boa, Remmstein, Joseph Calleja, Wintermoods and several others). The collaborative effort produced an ambitious, dark, thematic pop concept album. Drawing inspiration from 70's and 80's Pop and RnB, with a heavy influence of minimalistic, fresh Hip-Hop. Influences include; Chic, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Tears for Fears, Marvin Gaye, Coolio.

The album is titled Loose Wire. A sonically and lyrically cohesive project. The themes of sex, self-destructivness, excessivness and heartbreak are recurring throughout the album. The album however is optimistic as we see the protagonist gain self-acceptance and self-forgiveness as the story unfolds.

The album was planned for release by the end of 2021.

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