Danica Muscat

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Danica Muscat

Danica Muscat was born on 17 September 1994 and lives in Ħal-Għaxaq. She is a singer from Malta.

Attend the Immaculate Conception school at Tarxien. Here reputed to be one of the best voices currently available among the flourishing young singers on the Maltese scene, undoubtedly Danica has already achieved a lot for her young age. Danica started singing from age of 4 and from that time onwards, she has never looked back.

Apart from participating in many local song competitions Danica has been the most successful to date young Maltese singer abroad. She has participated in the prestigious Ti Amo festival in Romania in 2004, 2005, and 2006 where she managed to place in the top position for 3 times in a row setting a record for herself and the festival in general.

She has also participated in the Tralcio D Oro festival in Bari, Italy in 2005 were she placed first there as well. Danica has been present in many major song contests held on the Maltese Islands with many nice results.

She has sung with Tom Morley before. She entered JESC Malta in 2006 with Play your Violin.

In Malta Junior Song for Europe 2007 edition, she was so near to win the festival, with the song Stolen, but finished in the 2 nd place with 80 points, only two points less then the five girls who win the festival as Cute with the song Music.

Danica Muscat

Danica has also taken part in a number of festivals abroad. These include Ti Amo Festival in Romania, Tralcio D’Oro Festival in Bari, Asteriks Festival in Macedonia and Carpathia Festival in Poland. She has also taken part in the popular TV show Io Canto on Mediaset Canale 5.

She has participated in: Danica currently forms part of the Malta performing arts academy. Danica is currently attending lectures in business and language studies at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology(MCAST). Though studying is at her heart, her greatest dream is to perform along with popular Italian singer Laura Pausini.