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Charlie Dalli was born on the 17 of October 1959 in Valletta, Malta. Attended school till sixteen years old , finishing secondary education at Mt. Carmel college.

Loved playing football, and played for the Valletta under 18s. But eventually decided that singing and strumming a guitar infront of an audience was more his cup of tea. Back in 1979 took part for the first time in a festival, L-Għanja tal-Poplu 1979 with the song Jiena M’Għandi Xejn ...ħlief. Early 80‘s released his first solo album, Lilek Inħobbok.


In Summer, 1984 joined electro pop band X-Tend. December 1984 won the Passaporto per San Remo, an Italian festival held at the famous Ariston Theatre in San Remo , with the song I can feel penned by Dalli.

In March 1985 participated for the first time in, Festival tal-Kanzunetta Maltija 1975. Meanwhile X-Tend began working on their first album. Extend the album was released December,1985 and topped the Maltese charts in 1986. By May,1986 Dalli together with X-Tend returned to the Ariston as special guests at the Passaporto per San Remo . Played some gigs in San Remo and Ventimiglia while filming musical videos in Monaco, Montecarlo, and even Paris , for the forthcoming album Boys of Tomorrow. Was released late 1986 followed by Bits from the Srapyard in 1987, with the majority of songs written by Charlie Dalli.

In 1987 X-Tend were crowned best band at the S.P.D.C. oscar ceremony in Valletta. But X-Tend s best ever selling album was Sbieħ il- Milied released as single L.P. in Decembe, 1988 and double L.P. on c.d. in December 1991. Again Dalli making a major contribution .Dalli s Tini Tini Żmien il- Milied and Christmas Father still being played every Christmas.1991 saw X-Tend releasing Social Dancing making them the first band to make use of the C.D. format in Malta. This was followed by the albums Let’ s have a party, Chapter viii Collage, and the award winning Powerplay.

In 1997, with Charlie Dalli still writing most of the material involved, In the meantime Charlie always loved going back to his roots. And that is the L-Għanja tal-Poplu‎. Dalli took part more than a dozen times notably winning the best social theme with Aħwa lkoll in 2008 , and best interpretation for Viva l-Festa Tagħna, in 2009 and even at 2013 he got the best interpretation for Kuluri Lwien. Only God knows what the future holds, but almost everyone holds the reigns of his life in his hands.

On 2 September, 2017 X-Tend lead by Charlie Dalli taken part in L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2017 with the song ‘B’Kelma’ lyrics and music by Charles Dalli.