Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur

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Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur born on 9 June, 1999. He is a Maltese musician and composer comes from Iklin. Notable for his active participation as keyboardist for local award-winning band Red Electrick, Aleandro is also involved in several others projects as a session musician, songwriter, recording artist, and contributor.

He has performed abroad multiple times, including performances in large-scale festivals such as Jarocin Festival (Poland), Altstadt Festival (Germany), the Kourion Amphitheatre (Cyprus) as well as a number of venues in Los Angeles, USA. Starting out as a teenager, Aleandro’s initial studies centered classical music, but he soon started exploring different genres and techniques to both performing and writing.

His humble background started off with playing with diverse bands in secondary school with a group of fellow classmates, during which, his performing attributes truly started to evolve and attention was shifted to bass [guitar] playing rather than just piano.

Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur

Jarocin Festival (Poland) marks Aleandro’s first large-scale public performance, at the young age of sixteen, with local band Red Electrick, and has since been an active member and keyboardist for the band. Celebrating their 10th year of performing this year, Red Electrick’s attention diverted to collaborating with foreign producers and exporting its music abroad. With thanks to multi-platinum music producer, Nicolas Farmakalidis, who is based in Los Angeles California, 2018 will saw the band travelling frequently to L.A., recording and releasing music there.

Apart from his duties with Red Electrick, Aleandro has also been responsible for various solo projects that include the composition of a film score for Case at Riddle Crossing¸ a 2015 international feature film shot mainly in Tennessee (USA), and has also had his chorale Coniuncti Concidimus, Dividuui Accidimus performed by a number of local choirs and as a one-time exclusive arrangement for string quartet in Vienna at the European Youth Orchestra 2016 Summer Tour. Aleandro also works as a recording artist with several local artists, recording and contributing to songs which more often than not are heard on local music stations and topping local charts.