Achilles Caestus

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Achilles Caestus

Achilles Caestus – A Maltese rapper and Hiphop dancer, born on 26 January 1990. His real name is Russell Tabone. Achilles is not just his stage name, but behind it there is a motto, a strong phrase which he truly believes in and as he says: “A true Gladiator fights for his life!”

Achilles is also known and called with his family nickname Ta’ Kikku, inherited through the years from his father and grandfather. Russell Tabone is the son of Raymond Tabone and Consiglia Tabone née Sammut! Russell Tabone was named after Russell Crowe, as his parents really love this great Actor. Achilles lives in a picturesque fishing village in Marsaxlokk, Malta.

Achilles is a true Hiphop lover. His idol is Tupac Amaru Shakur. He really loves to express himself in stylish clothes and as a dancer, by dancing: popping, locking, stomping, crumping, robotics, tatting, slow motion, pop and freestyle in Malta’s finest clubs and around Europe and other countries when he travels to explore different cultures, lifestyles and nightlife.

Achilles and his co-partner Antonio Daniel Oliva, known as Cj founded [[1]] at The A-Team Street Dancers Studio, in Malta, which was created to improve their skills and to others who love to join them and share their same passion.

Achilles also expresses himself by creating his own songs too. This rap artist is in love with lyrics… and being real is what makes him unique!

Achilles made his first stunning debut with his single: Għażiż Kuġin dated back 11 June 2016, uploaded on his facebook profile. [2]. Many people related with his song and loved the way he rapped live on a mobile video he created himself at home, in his own room following his instincts and passion. This song was a great hit and many established pages shared his music online and Television Malta made a web-article on Achilles and his first song.

Achilles Caestus

From that moment on, the Maltese rapper never looked back and took it way bigger… In fact after 1 year and 11 months Achilles released his first official new single: “Storja fil-Memorja” and it’s official video dated 2nd May 2018 uploaded from his Facebook Page:

Storja fil-Memorja made a boom in Malta’s Music Local scene and other countries near Malta in just a few days. A song with a massive message and video to society, rapping about reality of life, the lack of fundamental values in society, a message to a positive change and to those who feel alone that need comfort and courage. Achilles within days had many people having a quick reaction to his song that made it up all the way from the top Maltese media all the way to Australia to say the least. They just loved it!

Storja fil-Memorja was first played on Bongu Kafe with Joe Julian Farrugia on Radju Malta 2 93.7fm on 10 May 2018, eight days after Achilles single was released!, then featured on television program Mixage on 17 May, 2018. And he was interview on Net tv: Programme ‘FuqNet’ on 22 May, 2018, and on 24 May 2018 on Xejk Tv got an interview on ‘Local Angle’.



Year Title Lyrics Composer Videos
2016 Għażież Kuġin Achilles Caestus Achilles Caestus
2018 Storja fil-Memorja Achilles Caestus Achilles Caestus (Click for Video)