Zion Reggae Bar

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Zion Reggae Bar

Facade of Zion Reggae Bar in Marsaskala

is a venue in Marsaskala, that promotes live music. It is bohemian in design and attracts a distinctive crowd that is widely travelled that frequents the place to relax in very informal surroundings.

The main musical genre that it hosts is reggae, although ska, hip-hop and Maltese language pop have also been performed by some of Malta's leading performers including Irie Flo, Sempliċiment tat-Triq, Troffa Ħamra and Plato's Dream Machine and the visiting Maltese-Australian Nicky Bomba, who in June 2012 teamed up with members of Tribali and Fakawi for a concert entitled The Gathering. Spanish and Italian reggae bands have also performed here in 2013.

Zion Reggae Bar stage area.

The front of the outlet is restricted as a restaurant, whereas the yard doubles up as a performing area, decorated with the traditional yellow, green and red that symbolize the Ethiopian colours linked with Rastafarianism and reggae. The stage is humbly made from wood pellets, perhaps to signify that luxury and aesthetics do not necessarily compliment each other.

The seating area is replete with sofas and divans, spread amongst olive and cypress trees making the aura all the more relaxing and informal, suggesting that patrons can stay barefooted inside the premises. It is a common occurrence to have patrons coming up from the sandy beach immediately opposite Zion Reggae Bar to pass time in the yard, listening to world music or observing the semi-natural surroundings.

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