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Yanica Galea born on 22 March 1991. She is a musician from Birzebbuġia, Malta. She never had any music lessons and learned singing, playing the guitar and bass all by herself.

Yanica also has a big love for animals especially birds and rats and has around 70 pets in total! Apart from music and animals, Yanica loves drawing, loom knitting, gaming and travelling. She also loves going to the skatepark to practice WCMX (wheelchair motocross). She’s the first (and only till date) WCMX rider in Malta.

She started her music career at 18 years old as a bassist. After only 2 months after getting her first bass guitar, she joined a band named The Overouts as a bassist and in 2010 she also became the vocalist of the same band till 2012.

During that time, Yanica also performed as a duo with other singers and guitarists. She performed in different concerts and activities including Tv Shows, Notte Bianca, the Beland Festival, Qormi Wine Festival, Istrina concerts, Nadur Gozo Carnival, different pubs and clubs and also charity events such as Martial Arts Vs Rock Bands for Puttinu Cares. She also loves to organize charity events to help raising money for other people in need.

In 2013, Yanica was asked to play guitar and sing with Wintermoods for the event Premju Soċjeta Ġusta where she perfromed Marigold, Xemx & Knocking on Heavens Door.

Yanica Galea

After, she continued playing acoustic guitar and singing as a solo artist. She loves playing covers from Nirvana (her favourite band), Ozzy Osburne, Metallica, Guns and roses... Mostly rock classics and also some modern songs. Yanica has also written lyrics and music of a song with the name of Be Who You Are which she used to play with he band and soon she will continue to work on her same song to finish it and record it as a solo artist.

Apart from different concerts and performances, Yanica enjoys participating in many charity events. Her favourite experience during these charity events was playing during a Christmas party for the children and sisters of St Rita Home.

In December 2016, again she was invited to play and sing with Ivan Grech from Wintemoods and Maestro Dominic Galea for the 3rd event of Premju Socjeta Gusta.