Xmun Spiteri ta' Mattiwenz

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Xmun Spiteri ta' Mattiwenz was a folksinger from Żejtun.

Xmun Spiteri ta' Mattiwenz

Born in 1911, he passed away on the 16th February 1988. Xmun grew up in Triq Bugħarbiel, close to Misraħ il-Bandolier. He started singing from a tender age, and preferred the high-pitched model to improvised verse. He was employed as a watchman with the Water Department at the water reservoir in Luqa.

Few recordings of his singing exist, although one featured in Ruben Zahra's 2007 publication A Guide to Maltese Folklore, edited by Steve Borg. Spiteri used to frequent the wine shop run by Ġolin Axisa Ta' Kostanza. He is unfortunately, relatively unknown with the younger generation of folksingers.