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Xiola date back to 2009, when Adolf Formosa and Roxanne Gatt decided to start making music together. It was jamming sessions, with a guitar and a drum-kit. As soon as they started playing something felt right; making music together seemed natural. Although both were happy with just the drums and guitar, they felt that something was missing. Adolf being a songwriter himself had many songs, which were happily waiting there in his little black book until the time for those words was right. A month later, Samantha Gatt, who used to be present for most of the jamming sessions, joined the band and this is when they realised that this was the actual birth of Xiola.

As she picked up the microphone and started singing they knew that this was exactly what the songs/band needed to be complete. She started writing songs too, and together with Adolf, his guitar/voice, and Roxanne’s drumming, they started speaking a language, which for a long time was hidden within them. Xiola changed quite a lot from then. Roxanne had to leave the band, and the drums were gone, but the songs matured. Samantha’s voice, on it’s own, speaks out more than just words. This, combined with Adolf’s guitar playing and songwriting, produced something intense that sounds as if it was the work of more than just a duo.

Their music is shared intimately in the production of a hundred copies of their new album Bay of Pigs (2012), preceded by their unreleased ep by the name of 2010, in which all songs were co-written with Roxanne on drums, occasionally on guitar and one appearance accompanying her twin-sister, Samantha, on vocals on the song Bitchy Red Square. When you get to listen to Xiola’s first album, Bay of Pigs, you experience something quite different. It feels like your emotions get tangled up, yet they still seem to be floating elegantly. You feel the sadness, but at the same time something inside you seems to enjoy this and find the inner beauty in it.

Whatever it is they do not even know, they are just sharing their passion and intimacy through writing and melody.