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Xer Zahra

Xer Zahra, born on 27 March, 1989 to Marisa and Emanuel, is a dancer and actress. She studied at De La Salle College and is now a Quality Assurance Manager.

Xer's first love was ballet. She started her training at 3 years of age and kept taking lessons in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance until she was 20 years old stopping only for a couple of years in between because of her studies.

Wth her father running a cafeteria in one of Malta's most popular theatres, she quickly found herself on the stage as an extra when she was only 4 years old and she practically spent her childhood in the theatre at rehersals and performances making the arts a very big part of her life. As she discovered that her love for the arts was growing she also started taking Drama classes first with Teatru Rjal and later with Bronk Productions, the latter opened up an array of opportunities which would later see her become an established dancer and choreographer in the company's numerous musicals. She was also given speaking roles in the English play written by Dylan Thomas, The Doctor and the Devils put up at St. James Cavalieri and later performed at a University in Macherata, Italy in 2001 and shortly after was given the challenging role of Betty in an adaptation of The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, which incorporated Physicial Theatre with the classic script.

Xer Zahra with Gabriel Suda as Krista and Adam in drama Midinbin

At 13, she joined the popluar Maltese cabaret group, The Alicia Joy Dancers and spent her weekends touring hotels and entertainment establishments with the group. Meanwhile advancing her ballet training. At 16 she was given the award for Best Performer in Dancenter's annual school show, Carmencita at the Manoel Theatre. Xer still performs when an opportunity is presented and has now also broadened her training by taking on Salsa Classes.

As a television actress she had played short cameos as a child in a few programmes, but her first committed television role as an actress was Krista in Midinbin (2010) and Midinbin 2 (2014), directed by John Suda. This role opened up a window into television acting and, while being involved in Midinbin, she took on smaller roles in other shows such as Stejjer Qosra, Frekwenzi Hiemda and La Famiglia.

Besides Dancing and acting, Xer enjoys singing, reading and writing. She is facinated by languages and literature and anything related to art. She loves spending time out in the coutryside with her partner, Neil and their dog, Sally.

Her goals for the future are to have a happy life surrounded by the people she loves, to travel and explore as much of the vast and beautiful world and to keep dancing for as long as she can walk.

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