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Fr Wistin Born

Patri Wistin Born (23 May 1910 - 21 August 1986) was a Maltese broadcaster and writer from il-Kalkara.

Henry Born was educated at the Freres and the Lyceum in Valletta. At the age of 16, he joined the Dominican Order and was given the name of Fra Wistin. He continued his studies at the St Thomas College in Rabat, and became priest in 1933. He wished to further his studies but had to stop for health reasons. During World War ii he, was a military chaplain.

His broadcasting career started in 1947 with a programme in English by the name of Kiddies’ Playbox with Melita Rustage. He was also requested by Effie Ciantar to produce and present a programme in Maltese about the United Nations, which he did; a programme called Natus. Born was unofficially the Spiritual Director of Rediffusion in his times.

When the studios were transferred to Gwardamangia, Fr Born was made Literary Editor. He used to receive radioplay scripts and choose the best ones for broadcasting. When the Drama Panel was established, he was the first chairman. He also served in the roles of Radio Head of Programmes and Television Censor.

Fr Born was script writer himself. He wrote more than 1,000 radio drama episodes. These include Ħitan tas-Sejjieħ, Il-Familja Maltija and Spiru Cefai with Johnnie Navarro in the main role.

He was the founder of De Porres Theatre in Sliema. He used toi ask for help on the radio, and when the theatre was built, he used to write and direct the plays.

His novels include classic Is-Salib tal-Fidda, Mard Bla Fejqan, Jum it-Tama, Mhux il-Faqar and Memé Grech – Ditektiv Privat. He also published Nerfgħu Qlubna 'l Fuq, a collection of his own spiritual broadcasts. He was also the editor of The Maltese Rosary for local schools.