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Wistin Abela was born at Żejtun on 19 October, 1933. Politician.

Studied at the Lyceum and RUM. He worked as section leader clerk at HM Dockyard and also a teacher of mathematics in private tuition.

Abela enterd in politics and was elected President of the LLY Żejtun between 1959-1961. In 1961 he was appointed President of the MLP Club and of the Fourth District Committee.

In 1964 he served as auditor of the MLP. He was also member of the General Council of GWU and co-founder and President of the NACSS (Drydocks Section).

In 1966 he successfully contested the General Elections for the House of Representatives. He Contested all The Follwing five elections up to 1992, always retaining his seat.

In 1971 Abela was appointed Parlamentary Secretary at The Ministry of Finance and customs at the office of the prime minister of development, and in 1976 he was given the same ministry together with that of energy , port and telecommunications. After the 1981 elections, Abela was nominated minister of economic development and served as deputy prime minister.

He was a minister in several governments led by Dom Mintoff, last holding the finance and customs portfolio in 1987.

He was deputy leader of the Malta Labour Party and deputy prime minister between 1981 and 1982 before handing over to Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici.

In Septmber 1983 Abela was given the responsibility as Minister of Finance and customs, a position he held up to 1987. He was the MLP main spokesman on the armed forces and oil exploration (1987-1992).

He married Catherine Abela in 1959, and had three children, Marjohn, Carmelina and Licia. The Labour Party described Abela as a minister who worked for a better Malta, and for having contributed to the founding of Air Malta. His lost will be a sorrow for many people, especially for the people of Żejtun. The Labour Party thanks him for his work for the country and the party.