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Wayne Vella (2 August 1985 - 17 August 2010) was a Maltese drummer from l-Imġarr. He played with a number of Maltese black metal bands, most notably with Abysmal Torment.

Wayne Vella during a rehearsal with Abysmal Torment

He died at a construction site accident on Tuesday 17 August 2010, after he was crushed by a bulldozer. Police reported that the incident occurred at 15:15 CEST in an industrial areas known as Blata l-Għolja in Mosta. An ambulance and medical team rushed to the scene but he was pronounced dead soon after. [1] His funeral took place on Friday 20 August at the Mġarr parish church.

Wayne Vella was remembered during the final segment of Toni Sant's 223rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 21 August 2010.

A Wayne Vella Tribute Gig was held on Saturday 23 October 2010 at Remedy in Paceville.

In April 2012 a medical clinic built in was dedicated to the memory of Wayne Vella, providing 10,000 families with much-needed medical facilities in Karro, Ethiopia. The clinic includes emergency and vaccination quarters, examination and counselling rooms, medical record facilities, an administration centre and a pharmacy. It is staffed by members of the Missionary Movement and Sisters of Mary congregation. Work on the clinic started in late 2011, financed by donations made to the Kilimanjaro Challenge, of which Wayne was an active member. It was inaugurated six months later by Nekemte Bishop Teo and Mgr George Grima from the Missionary Movement Jesus in Thy Neighbour. A number of Mr Vella’s family members were also present for the inauguration. [2]

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