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Vandroo & Luca is a Maltese electronic dance music production duo composed of Andrew Mizzi (aka Vandroo) and Luca Caligari.

When Vandroo and Luca got together in the Summer of 2012, it was only a matter of weeks until their creative synergy got fired up enough to start attracting serious attention.

A few events and releases later, they were offered a weekly slot on VibeFM - the most popular radio station for dance music in their home country of Malta. By this time their studio was up and running and their hard work and dedication was showing in the improving work. After a few releases with minor labels in the US and Europe, at the end of 2013 they signed a production contract with Armada Records - the international label promoting some of the biggest names in dance music at the moment, including Dash Berlin, W&W, Chicane, Paul Oakenfold, and many others.

2014 brings a lot of promise to this upcoming creative duo. They already hold a residency at one of the top Paceville clubs and look forward to a summer of events and opportunities to take things to the next level.

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