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V-Gile is the rock edition of Atlam band. Atlam still performs in weddings and many other music occasions. However, its association with rock music hindered its activity in weddings. To make distinction between the two, the band decided to hold with the name Atlam for the commercial side while the group performing as rock band was given the name of V-Gile. To strengthen their presence they appointed Ralph Camilleri as their manager.

V-Gile at the Rock Mass

V-Gile's first performance was a Rock Mass organized by KDZ at The Stones Discotheque. The music was all composed by Charles Saliba while the lyrics, all in Maltese, were written by Josette Micallef. The same rock mass was performed shortly after again at the Birkirkara Parish Church.

In parallel with the Rock Mass, the band started working on their rock opera Victims. This musical was written by Lawrence Micallef based on a genius student who falls victim of the society. The aim of the musical was to create awareness and keep the young generation away from drug abuse.

Parts of the rock opera were played in many cultural activities but never performed completely. The opera was recorded in a home built studio with a four track recorder but due to the many overdubs that had to do, the final product was of poor quality. At one time, the opera was almost agreed to be performed under the auspice of Caritas but the band did not reach an agreement since Caritas stressed to change the name of the opera which the band did not agree to.

The band replaced Lizio Saliba with Anton Scicluna on the bass and later on Edward Mifsud joined on guitars and vocals. Charles Galea on the keyboards left the band due to commitments at his work place and Atlam continued to perform with the following line up:

With the following line up Atlam continued to play at the Jerma Palace, Corinthia and two seasons at an open air restaurant in Rabat.

Atlam and V-Gile performed occasionally after 1995, however the only regular members remained Charles on guitars and Stephen on drums. During the next 10 years, Charles kept the name alive and performed many times in Libya. The most notable concert was that in 2009 by the Commonwealth countries where the band played alongside German and British bands. Atlam were the main band of the evening.

On facebook, Charles indicated that member of Atlam may team up together to perform once again shortly.

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