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Welcome to the M3P tutorial. Here you will find a concise guide to the essential features of the M3P website.

All the details about contributing to the M3P can be found here....


  • The wiki (Introduction to the usage of this site for contributors)
    Page creation - Page editing - Undo - Changing the page title - Page deletion
  • Page editing
    Basic formatting - Links - Editing pages
  • Talk pages
    Page talk - User talk - Signature - Barnstars

This page explains the basics of editing pages on M3P.

Basic formatting

Here is an overview of the basic formatting markup that you may need on M3P:

You type You get
''italic'' italic
'''bold''' bold
== Heading ==


=== Subheading ===


* list item
  • list item
# numbered list item
  1. numbered list item

Note that headings and list items must be at the beginning of a line. Don't put spaces at the beginning of a line, or you might get unexpected results! An empty line will start a new paragraph of text.


Internal: Enclose the title of a page in double square brackets to create a link to it: [[Main Page]] gives Main Page. You can also change the link text: [[Main Page|Home]] gives Home.

External links: Use single square brackets around the full URL, and separate the link text by a space: [ WowMalta] gives WowMalta.

Editing Pages