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Tony Camilleri (born 17 January 1949) is one of Malta's leading pop singers and entertainer, who has been active since the early 1970s.

He has released several albums. The first was aptly named Il-Għannej, as he is widely known. It featured thirteen songs, including Rajt Ma Rajtx, Imħabba f'Kemmuna, Ħabibi l-Parrukkier and L-Għannej. The latter was also featured with what he termed as a Yugoslav version. It is not specified if it was sung in Serb, Croat or Slovenian.

Tony Camilleri Il-Għannej

A second album, with twelve songs, included Xerred l-Imħabba, X'rat il-Gardjola, Mikiel Anton Vassalli and Dawra mal-Ibliet. The date of release is presumed to be in the early Eighties. Camilleri's third album included Il-Għanja ta' Pajjiżi, a new version of Il-Għannej, Leli l-Qasir and the popular Malta Calypso, which was performed with the Medium Wave Band.

He has also taken the stage with folksinger Mikiel Abela Il-Bambinu.

Camilleri still performs regularly, also in the role of a stand-in comedian for non-Maltese overseas guests. He was the first voice on Radju Super One when it began to transmit on Saints Gaetan feast from Ħamrun in 1993.He hosts, for eightin years the breakfast show Espresso on RTK Radio on 103.00FM. and for the last three years presented together Pauline Agius.

From March 2013 he went back on Radju Super 1 together with Pauline Aguis presented the same programm called Espresso between 10.00 and 12.00

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