Toni Sammut Il-Luzzu

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Toni Sammut Il-Luzzu

Toni Sammut Il-Luzzu filming a folk event in Għaxaq, August 2013.

is a Maltese folk music promoter. He was born on the 12th of November 1950 and hails from San Ġiljan.

He is currently filming the majority of non-government folk music events that are held in different venues, both private and public and has already accrued hundreds of hours of folk music recording.

Sammut, who has been following għana for the last forty years, films all the proceedings of any event, which could include three successive one-hourly improvised verse sessions, interspersed at times with a high-pitched model performance. He is known to register even the lesser known folksingers, who are rarely, if ever, featured on the local media.

Toni Sammut Il-Luzzu gaining a vantage point in Żejtun, July 2013.

Within hours of the events termination he uploads his footage on the social media, usually Youtube, where excerpts of the prime folk singer performance is made available for open access viewing. He also uploads the full recording for the minor performers.

His footage is appreciated by the Maltese folk singing enthusiasts who reside overseas and cannot physically be present for the recorded event.

Given that there aren't many avid followers of għana who record the whole folk music event, Sammut's contribution through its documentation and duplication with enthusiasts shall definitely be a primary source of archival interest.

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