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The Sound System Co. Ltd. is one of the leading companies on the Maltese islands offering the latest audiovisual equipment combined with the highest standards of technical expertise and service.


In 1978 Jon Vella Zarb (then known as "Jon tal-Mirage") was asked to rent out some of his own equipment for a New Year’s Eve Concert. The equipment was taken to the Alhambra Hall in Sliema and the event forged the beginning of his career in the business of audio-visual equipment rental.

Later, when the company was formed in {insert correct year here}, "Jon tal-Mirage" became "Jon tas-Sound System" and the equipment available for hire grew from a few amplifiers to a varied plethora of equipment needed to cater for the smallest event to the most complex live-performance.

The company has serviced a whole deal of professionals ranging from Black Sabbath to the Holy Roman Pontiff and his staff has grown exponentially to cater for the requirements of an ever-demanding local and international community.

In {insert correct year here} Sound System joined forces with Forestals to create Sound System (Audiovisuals) Ltd, specializing in the professional installation, rental and operation of cutting-edge audiovisual technology. However, in {insert correct year here} the company returned to its original founders.

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