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{{CueFileTable |cuefile = the cue filename to be processed. This should be a file you have uploaded to the Cue: namespace |cols - the columns to display (not yet implemented). Comma separated list of track,artist,title,dur |width - the width of the generated table (either in px or % as per css rules}} |smw - 0/1 whether semantic mediawiki is installed and in use

  • The cue file to be processed is : {{{cuefile}}}
  • Here are the columns to be displayed: {{{cols}}}
  • And this is the table width: {{{width}}}
  • Semantic MediaWiki Extensions on? : {{{smw}}}


  1. invoke:ParseCue|parse

|cuefile={{ :{{{cuefile}}} }} |cols={{{cols}}} |width={{{width}}} |smw={Template:Smw }}