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Syrup is the band name used by by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Shaun Grech.


Syrup was formed in 1997 as a collaboration between Shaun Grech and bassist Matthew Cuomo, both previously members of Abortive Sex Gauge (1993-1996), also composed of Malcolm Ciavola on drums and Ramon Mizzi (now film maker) on vocals, a band that delivered energetic blends of hardcore, punk and alternative.

In 1998, Matthew and Shaun recorded a four track EP called First Prescription with session musicians Toby Farrugia(today renowned Maltese DJ/Producer) on drums, and Alex Spiteri Gingell (of Spooky Monkey fame) on keyboards and programming. Toby joined the band permanently soon after, a partnership that lasted a number of of years and quite a few gigs. After Matthew's departure in 1999, the bass duties were left in the hands of Mark Anthony Vassallo (ex-Orbus Vitae), but the band did not gig over this period, and in 2000 both Mark and Shaun left Malta.

Syrup reformed in late 2002 with Shaun on vocals and guitars, Jes Psaila (ex-Avatar) on guitars, Sergio Bellizzi (ex-Orbus Vitae) on drums, and after a stint on bass by Cliff Smith (at the time playing with Corkskrew), settled with Bobby Baldachino on bass (ex-Limestone Kick, joining the band in 2003. This line up saw the band's most prolific songwriting phase and a number of successful performances on TV and festivals, attracting attention on the alternative scene. During this period, the band worked on new songs intended for a full length album that never saw the light of day.

In 2004, the band broke up on account of personal commitments and side projects. Following Syrup, Shaun went on to become an established artist. He currently resides in Manchester, UK.

Radio Airplay

In 2003, Syrup recorded and released their single Static H. It lodged at number one for several weeks on A3 FM.

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