Sunny Borg

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Sunny Borg

Sunny Borg (1926 - 31 December 2015) was a Maltese entrepreneur. He was the founder and chairman of Bortex Ltd.

Sunny Borg was born in Ħamrun in 1926. A self-made pioneer in the textile sector, he set up Bortex, the manufacturer of clothes for men, in 1964. Over the years Bortex evolved and exported its clothes to a number of countries all over the world, including North Africa and the Far East. Under Borg’s stewardship, Bortex invested in technology and then diversified its manufacturing base by venturing abroad in order to remain competitive.

Sunny Borg receiving the Membership of the National Order of Merit

Sunny also expanded his business into tourism and acquired interests in various hotels. He held a number of chairmanships, including those of Middle Sea Insurance, the Malta Development Corporation and the National Tourism Organisation, and often gave various prime ministers advice, where he was renowned for speaking his mind. He also held a number of directorships on various companies.

He was made a Member of the National Order of Merit in 1996.

Sunny died on 31 December 2015, aged 89.