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Fr Stanley Tomlin was born at Floriana, Malta on 17 October, 1926 and was given the name of Joseph at his baptism. He joined the Missionary Society of St Paul on July 3, 1936.

He started his novitiate in 1944 and was ordained priest on December 22, 1951.

Fr Stanley was soon given the responsibility of the formation of novices and students of the Society. For several years, he was the right hand of the first Superior General of the Society, Fr Michael Callus.

The part he played in the building of St Agatha's Motherhouse in Rabat was very significant. Fr Stanley was elected Superior General of the Missionary Society of St Paul in 1970, an office he held for 12 years.

During this period he worked extremely hard to promote vocations within the Society and contributed immensely to help spread the missionary work of the Society abroad.

In 1973, Fr Stanley was instrumental in obtaining the Decretum Laudis, whereby the MSSP became a pontifical institution.

When, in 1982, his term as Superior General came to an end he was appointed director of St Joseph's Home, Santa Venera, an office he kept until 1988 when, for the second time, he was appointed Master of Novices and Superior of Stella Maris Home in Żebbuġ, Gozo.

Eventually, in 2001, he was appointed Superior of St Agatha's Motherhouse in Rabat, an office he occupied until the year 2008.

Fr Stanley was a learned and dedicated priest of great vision. During his tenure as Superior General he gave the go-ahead for the establishment of the Maltese community centre on the premises of the Missionary Society of St Paul at Parkville, Victoria, Australia, which is the hub of Maltese community welfare and social activities in the state of Victoria, Australia.

He passed away on 17 October, 2010, at St Agatha's Motherhouse, Rabat, aged 83 years.