Soċjeta Filarmonika Santa Marija (Żebbuġ)

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File:Banda Santa Marija, Żebbuġ.jpg
Soċjeta Filarmonika Banda Santa Marija, Żebbuġ A.D. 1945



No Surmastrijiet Minn Sa
01 [[ ]]


No Presidenti Minn Sa
01 Charles Cini 1995 1998
02 Stephen Cin 1998 2001
03 George Cefai 2001 2015
04 Anthony Dimech 2015


No Segretarji Minn Sa
01 [[ ]]


No Teżoriera Minn Sa
01 [[ ]]

Band Commissions

Band Activities Overseas

Historical Events in which the Band participated

Song Festivals, Events or Drama Activies

Annual Concerts

Annual Musical Activities

Recorded releases (LPs, Cassettes and CDs)



No Name of Cd's - Festive Marches Year Marches Funeral Marches Waltzes Others
01 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijużi - Ġawhra 2000 - Mis-Soċjeta Filarmonika Santa Marija (Żebbuġ) - Għawdex (2000) 2000 *
02 Festive Marches - Marċi Brijużi - Nisġet il-Bejta fl-Okkażjoni tat-Tberik ta' l-Ewwel Ġebla tal-Każin - Mis-Soċjeta Filarmonika Santa Marija (Żebbuġ) - Għawdex (2003) 2003 *
No Name of Cd's - Furneral Marches Year Marches Funeral Marches Waltzes Others
01 Funeral Marches - Marċi Funebri - Golgota - Mis-Soċjeta Filarmonika Santa Marija (Żebbuġ) - Għawdex (2001) 2001 *

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