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The foundations of what Sepia is today lie in the summer of 2008 when Glenn paul Pace, Steve Scerri and Michael Spiteri were the musicians of the band. A spark of inspiration resulted in the creation of lengthy musical expressions that were a direct reflection of what was currently in the mind of the musicians. This is a vision still looked at consciously to be kept.

Later on Maria Alessia Micallef and AnneMarie Spiteri joined on keyboards and vocals respectively. Finally things started to fall into place and the two ladies provided Sepia exactly with what it needed.

Sepia’s direction in style can be said to be an amalgamation of what the members like best and this mentality is encouraged to create music that is honest to nature and enjoyable to play. Also it stems up from the need to explore diverse directions and to incorporate them as their own.

26th June 2009 marked the day Sepia performed live for the 1st time through an invitation by local doom metal legends Forsaken. Although the evening was a surprising one at least, since the styles melded together was not in a conventional manner, the response was very encouraging to simply go on and perform all the more.

Throughout the year of 2009 up till early 2010 Sepia performed on numerous and varied occasions with Oblique Visions, The Deluge of Sorrow, Nomad Son, Fire, Weeping Silence and other bands at the FEM (Female Extreme Music festival) and Sodom and Gomorrah 2day event.

Current Affairs

Manuel Portelli joined in early May 2010 to expand and deepen guitar work. Old tracks are enjoying a new spin and new tracks are being written. Sepia is simply looking forward for another string of performances. Also by next year a recording will hopefully be at hand. All in due time.


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