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Saviour Zammit (1930-1997) was a stonemason and builder in Wellington, New Zealand.

Sammy, as he was known, was born in 1930 and lived in Żurrieq where he worked as a stonemason. He arrived in Wellington, New Zealand in August 1956. He worked for the Wellington Harbour Board and then at Dunlops in Upper Hutt and later at Romax Cement before he started his own business as a stonemason. His works include the Air New Zealand Building that was in Vivian Street, Wellington. In 1981 he started Solid Fuel Heating in Upper Huff, which expanded into the Solid Fuel Heating Wellington and also established the Kapiti Coast.

Saviour was married to Chrissy, of Scottish heritage and they had seven children, three girls, Clare, Melita, and Maria and four boys, Tony, John, Andrew and Samuel.

Saviour died in 1997.