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Sandrina DeGabriele

Sandrina DeGabriele born on 20 June, 1990 and comee from is-Swieqi. She is a solo singer well known with her stage name Sandrina and as a main singer of the band Skarlet.

Her first introduced to music at the age of 7, when she learnt her first melodies on piano. She went on to performing arts further at the age of 9 when she took part in a number of productions with Masquerade Theatre Arts School.

After the experience, she decided to focus on her vocal training with soprano Gillian Zammit for a number of years. She took part in multiple musicals, voice recitals and also performed on television broadcasts as years went by.

In 2010 Sandrina joined VOICES and sang the duet ‘We’ll Be Together’ – “The two singers sang con gusto and set the standard for the rest of the soloists of the night. Dean Muscat)”.

Sandrina is currently part of the local band Skarlet featuring Keith Kiko Muscat, Simon Vella, Luca Giudice and her brother Alan DeGabriele.

Sandrina DeGabriele

The drive and inspiration behind the Skarlet idea was the concept of giving the audience upbeat songs and performances that range from rock stage to club, an idea that has paved the way to continue with the usual hard work, dedication and passion.

The band performed at Teatru Unplugged at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta in 2012. In 2013. Sandrina also took part in Rockestra where she performed two songs with the National Orchestra at the MFCC.

In 2015 she went on to perform at the Beatles Tribute concert with Keith Kiko Muscat at Smart City for the ongoing national celebrations of FCN. For the past few years, Sandrina has been focusing on writing original music and earlier this year teamed up with Peter Borg and Matthew James Borg Red Electrick and Railway Studios, who are producing Sandrina’s first single, ‘Stone’ wrote by her and published on 2 September, 2016.

Sandrina is studies BFA in Digital Arts at University of Malta.