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Sandra Davis

Sandra Davis, actress, was born in Guardamanġia on 20 December, 1959.

She started appearing on television when her school PE teacher, Miss Lillian Azzopardi, picked her and two other students to demonstrate some exercises in a keep fit slot which was part of a magazine program.

A cameraman at the tv station thought that Sandra was very photogenic, and asked her to appear in the start of a tv program called Werqa. (Leaf). The idea was to show that a woman can be free in any way she chooses to live her life eg. as a housewife, a nun, a sports personality, etc. The title track was Una Paloma Blanca by Jonathan King, released in 1975, after another good version by George Baker Selection.

After that, she started being offered parts in one-off plays which used to be shown on tv at the time. The first one was Salib Ħaddieħor by Ġuże Diacono. She also took part in several radio plays, which were popular at the time, on Cable Radio or Radju Malta.

Sandra’s favourite actress is Jodie Foster. She admires her for the variety of roles she has played in a number of hit films.

Sandra has acted in all drama mediums - radio, stage, cinema and TV, the latter of which were initially one-off plays as Maltese teleseriels had not yet started. In theatre, she took part in comedies such as Dik L-Imbierka Kunjata, and serious drama like Il-Ġuri Tagħkom, written by Lino Grech, among others. Some years later, this was published as a photo story (storja ritratt) by Malta Talent Artistes, managed by Joe Zammit Cordina, in the series Pepprin.

Sandra stays this about the difference between stage and tv acting Stage productions involve a lot of rehearsals and interaction with the audience and also require the ability to ad-lib and think on your feet if something goes wrong! TV and radio requires the ability to be more “natural” as the audience are watching you up close in their own homes.

Sandra Davis as Dora

Sandra was offered a main role in the hit telesieriel F’Baħar Wieħed, by Lino Grech, where she played the part of Dora, the daughter of a wealthy Magistrate,. It was a big honour to be given a part in this first ever Maltese teleseriel written by one of Malta’s finest authors, Lino Grech. It was very enjoyable to film and was very popular with the public, who called it “Ta’ Goma”, after the character Goma, played by Gemma Portelli, who was much-loved by the Maltese public. Every Monday at 8.30pm the streets of Malta were deserted as everyone was at home watching it. Even Parliament would finish early.

Sandra has played many parts in her career, but her most memorable part is the role of a convicted nun in the cinematic production of Santa Monica. At first she was a bit wary of the public reaction, as she played the role of a child abuser, but there was no backlash in actual fact. This film involved a couple of stunts which we did ourselves, adding a very exciting element, like when one of the inmates tried to throw me off the top of the stairs, she says. F’Baħar Wieħed also remains close to her heart as it was the first Maltese teleseriel.

Sandra Davis and Marvic Cordina in Santa Monica - The Movie

Apart from Santa Monica the Movie, she was also in Anġli the Movie and L-iskorpjun, the latter being her own production, which she wrote, produced, directed and acted in.

Sandra emigrated to the UK at the age of nineteen, intending to stay for a couple of years, but ended up living there for 23! In the beginning, she tried to get an equity card – you cannot work in this field without one in the UK – but she was unable to obtain one as she had no contracts to show what work she’d done here – nobody in drama ever worked with contracts here.

A big Cinema production shot in Malta that Sandra was involved in was the famous film Midnight Express. She has also taken part in tv adverts as well as presenting, in English, a tv series called Our islands in the Sun.

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