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Ryan Caruana

Ryan Caruana hails from the small village of Gudja born on 7 April, 1989. He is a secondary school teacher. His friends and acquiantances describe him as a kindhearted young fellow with a very good sense of humor.

The Maltese language

Ryans is an avid maltese reader and also a prolific Maltese writer. He contributes regularly on the Maltese Facebook pages, Isma’ Ftit and Għidli Mitejn. In 2017 he classified second in the Category A section of the prestigious Frans Sammut award which is given by the Ministry of Eduction to all those people who promote the Maltese language.


Besides his passion for the Maltese language, Ryan is also keen on photography, football, writing and drama. This year he took a course in photography and on a regular basis he started going around Malta to take photos to some of Malta’s most quiet and enchanting places.

With regards to football, he cheers Manchester United and Valletta FC but he also enjoys watching other sports. He is also passionate about drama. Drama has helped him to develop positively his character and become more extrovert. He had the opportunity to act on Maltese local television drama such as Ħbieb u Għedewwa, Manwela, Qalb in-Nies and St Mary’s. He also had drama parts partaining to the Valletta 18 celebrations.

L-Għanja tal-Poplu

Ryan is fond of Maltese music and drama. Last year he participated in L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2017 – Festival ta’ Kanzunetta Maltija. His song called, Is-Sogħba tal-Widien, placed in the semi-final. This year he is participating in the concert with the song, Għaliex Tlaqt? Sing by Ruth Portelli and composed by Mark Scicluna; the message, which shall not be discused here, deals mainly with trying to give importance to an area which is still under-evaluated in Malta.

His prospectives for the future

Ryan has all the intention to continue experimenting with lyrics and music as this is an innovative way to deliver a message. His dream is to publish a book in the near future and to continue to specialise in photography.