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Rosann Zammit Cassar

Rosann Zammit Cassar is a television and theatre actress, as well as a script writer. Born on 11 March, to Lucia and Victor Zammit, she is the younger of 2 daughters and her greatest love is her daughter Maya. Rosann graduated in Medical Laboratory Science in 1999 and attended several other courses in the area of her interest, which is Medical Bacteriology. She is also qualified in beauty therapy.

However, she does not practice in the field anymore though she still has a particular liking for make-up. Her hobbies are dancing, reading classical literature and going to the theatre to watch plays, musicals and operas, especially abroad. Rosann is also an activist against animal cruelty.

Acting always attracted Rosann and during her secondary school years she never failed to take part in school plays and activities. She started taking acting seriously at the age of 16. In her sixth form days she was encouraged by her teacher to take drama courses after auditioning for a school play. She started taking drama and musical-theatre courses with different companies namely MTADA, TeatruRjal and Bronk Productions. She was followed and trained by great tutors and actors such as Josie Coppini and John Suda.

Rosann Zammit Cassar with Gabriel Suda

She started performing in public in musicals, namely Scrooge, Ġesù ta’ Nazaret u Reġa’ Sebaħ with TeatruRjal. After a few years of absence from stage due to her studies, she started performing again with Bronk productions in 2003. With the latter she took part in the pantomime Bejn Scrooge u Gawdenz Jitħawwad it-Testment, Awstralja by Joseph Vella Bondin, which placed second in Pinna Francis Ebejer, directed by John Suda, which also marked her debut at the Manoel Theatre, Il-Lukandiera by Carlo Goldoni also directed by John Suda, in her own translation from the original, the comedy directed by John Suda Iftaħli Għax Wasalt and Is-Surmastru, Bella, Il-professur u Proġetti Oħra by Joseph Vella Bondin, directed by John Suda. She also performed in an array of one act plays, some written by herself and John Suda such as Ir-Ritz, Ċirċe u Odissew and Il-Mostru ta’ Selmun u l-Burdell.

After brief appearances on Television, Bronk Productions offered her the role of Tanya in Fredu l-Fra (2006). This opened the way to more roles namely Alexia in Marvin (2008), Lisa in Midinbin (2010) and Midinbin 2 (2014). Both Midinbin and Midinbin 2 were written by her and John Suda.

Rosann also took part in various educational programmes such as The launching of the MATSEC system (2006), 6 short episodes for ETC Gender Equity Fuq il-Post Tax-Xogħol(2008) and 378, a programme about consumer rights (2011). She has also taken part in radio plays, the last one being Fuq il-Bjut by Vincent Vella and directed by John Suda, winner of the first prize in the contest Francis Ebejer for radio plays, organised by MCCA for 2014, in which she also helped in the production.

Her goals for the future are to continue acting and writing for stage and Television.

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