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Roberta Briffa

Roberta Briffa born on 10 Dicember, 1975 at Zurrieq. She is an actress and a Drama Teacher with the Malta Educ. Dept.

From her younger age she always loved watching drama, but every begain, when a friened of here tell her to make a drama therapy course to gian some self confidence And make some new friends too.

It really changed my life, as it just got me out of my shell! I followed one drama course after the other, started acting, script writing and directing and eventually started teaching drama myself

Between 2007-2009 she made a 4 terms course with Bronk Producations under tutor Domnic Said ans John Suda. and she continued to make other courses like Week end ‘live-in’ workshops with Bronk Acting for TV course with Bronk - 2008 (John Suda), 1 term with Louise Doneo - 2007-2008, Weekend workshops with Take 2 - 2008 & 2009 Free Spirit Drama courses up to Mater Classes 2009-2011 Drama Centre up to Diploma Class – up to present day

Roberta Briffa

She worked in many theatre producations with various theatre productions with Bronk, Louie Noir, Għaqda Kulturali Kirkop, Drama Centre, Komunita Agostinjana Tarxien and Drama Unit.(scipt writing, directing and acting) Bla Kondixin.

And also taken part in various filming local productions (speaking and non speaking among which most were main or secondary parts), tv ‘talk shows’ and ‘variety programmes’. Extra in foreign productions filmed locally.

Besides that Roberta like to do also animation in a various roles in costume during fund raising activities and village soirees, facepainting during children’s parties with LOL animation team.

She got too merit distiction related with Drama like :- Lamda Grade 8 Gold Medal Acting Solo (2012) -, Academic 90/100 Distiction, and Trinity Diploma in Actl Performing Speech and Drama – 90/100 – Distinction

One of the lates telesereials was Katrina where she plays the carator of Sister Madalene