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Dr. Robert Naudi was a medical doctor and a politician.

He was born in l-Imsida on 23 November 1936 and after his primary school years he attended St Aloysus College. He pursued his studies at the University of Malta and on 22 March 1962 graduated from this University as a medical doctor.

Dr Naudi’s involvement in youth organisations led him to enter the Maltese political scene and in 1971 contested the general elections for the first time on the Seventh District on behalf of the Workers Party but was unsuccessful. However, in 1976 Dr Naudi managed to make it to Parliament contesting the elections on the Ninth District this time on behalf of the Malta Labour Party. He retained his seat in Parliament in the elections of 1981.

Throughout his life, Dr Naudi used all the means at his disposal to help the needy. As a General Practitioner and a politician he was exposed to the suffering of the poor and the sick in the Community. He was renowned for his charitable acts and effective intervention to ease the pain and suffering of the patients and citizens who needed his help. During his years in Parliament, he constantly promoted the cause of the needy in his constituency and elsewhere

After he retired, he continued to practise as a GP and became active within the Charismatic Movement

Dr Robert Naudi married Jane Farrugia in March 1976. Their two daughters are Tanja and Marie Claire.

He died on 16 April 2008 at the age of 71.