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Ritty Tacsum (b.1990) is a Malta-based experimental photographer and multimedia artist with a predisposition for multi-layered stories and narratives. Her work taps into memory and makes abundant reference to context, time and place. Architecture features prominently in her work, as do moody surreal settings often dominated by masked anamorphic or androgynous figures.

Ritty's work has already been the subject of seven solo shows. Her work has been featured in countless art and design publications and she has been exhibited in high calibre curated shows in Europe, USA and Asia.

Ritty Tacsum just finished a degree in Digital Arts at the University of Malta. She is currently working on a number of exhibitions launching in the coming year.

Ritty Tacsum is currently being represented by Lumitrix (UK), Iniala5(Malta), and HJF Gallery (NY).[1]

Solo Shows

  • 2019: Solo Exhibition - more info soon... Malta;
  • 2017: Valletta Another Landscape, Europa Info Point, Brussels;
  • 2017: Valletta Another Landscape, Brussels Parliament, Brussels;
  • 2017: Valletta Another Landscape, Dar Malta, Brussels;
  • 2016: Photoville, New York, Represented by ACM Malta;
  • 2014: Résumé; Lily Agius Gallery, Malta;
  • 2013: Four Rooms; St James Cavalier, Malta;
  • 2011: Ritty Tacsum and Her Humanoids; St James Cavalier, Malta.

Selected Collectives

  • 2018: Aesthetica Art Prize (long listed artist); York, United Kingdom;
  • 2017: Human Matter. MSA, Valletta, Malta;
  • 2017: Politics of Texture. Valletta. Malta;
  • 2017: In Transit. NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf;
  • 2017: In Transit. Stadskantoor, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands;
  • 2016: Aesthetica Art Prize (long listed artist); York, United Kingdom;
  • 2015: Filfla Findings; Malta;
  • 2015: After-Selfie; Palazzo Trenti, Italy;
  • 2015: After-Selfie; St.James Cavalier, Malta;
  • 2014: Summer Group Show; Lily Agius Gallery, Malta;
  • 2013: Post-Humanist Desire; Museum of Contemporary Ary Taipei, Taiwan;
  • 2013: Duke of Edinburgh; Sentinella Hall, Gozo;
  • 2013: Milkshake the Project; St.James Cavalier, Malta;
  • 2012: Streets of Valletta; Valletta, Malta;
  • 2012: Religionis Violenta; The London Westbank Gallery, United Kingdom;
  • 2012: Pop, Paint & Stitch; Macclesfield Gallery, United Kingdom;
  • 2012: Art in the Piazza; Tigne, Malta;
  • 2012: 6:6; Lily Agius Gallery, Malta.


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