Renald Abela l-Bamboċċu ż-Żgħir

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Renald Abela l-Bamboċċu ż-Żgħir

Renald Abela l-Bamboċċu ż-Żgħir.

was a folk singer active in the 1970s. He was born in 1949 and hails from Żabbar.

He is the younger brother of Fredu Abela l-Bamboċċu. He featured in several single releases on vinyl, including Għażiż Papa that were very popular and hits on the local airwaves.

Abela is no longer active, although he is at times seen at għana events.

He has also written and sung a folk ballad about the Vulcan bomber that crashed over his hometown Żabbar in October, 1975.

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