Prayer of the Dying

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Martin Ciappara started playing in 1993. The first band he was into, was called Godzilla. After a year, Godzilla decide to change the band's name to Violent Version.The band release some singles and Martin is also Perpetual Grief's drummer for a short period of time. In 1998, Violent Version split up and the year after, Martin forms a band called Aunt Eater. They release a demo called 'Ego Trip' that year. In the meantime, Martin is a vocalist with another band called Gol Buscat. In 1997, he also has a solo project going on and 'My Sorrrow' is released only as a demo tape. In 1999, he leaves both bands and forms a new one called Spin.Their first EP 'Pead' is released that same year. In 2000, they release the single 'Y?' and in 2002, the album 'Cell 46' follows. Martin leaves the band in 2003 due to personal reasons.

In the next few years, Martin jams with some of his friends and plays in a band named Scorn of the Hunter. In 2006, Martin makes an important decision - he starts a one-man band which is still known as Prayer of the Dying.The next year, 2007, Martin releases his first demo tape and his first album 'Structures of a Dying Matter'.That same year , Martin also joins a band called Black Vulture, as a drummer - a project whose band members come from the U.S.A., Turkey and Malta. 2008 is a busy year for Prayer of the Dying as he releases several material: the EP 'Ghastly Laments', a two-track demo called 'Turn to Dust in Agony' and a new album called 'From the Mouth of the Passing'. That same year, the Turkish band Sarratum and POTD also release a split named 'Slave Gods'. Martin then joins a band called Lustre (from Turkey) and in 2009 they release their first album 'Vaticannibalistic'. A split ' Behold the Candent Heavens' with 'Firth of Damnation, from USA, is released that year. Another split follows in 2010, where Stigoi VII and POTD release a 7". It was called 'Horn Forward/Dormant Anger Wakes' respectively. In 2011, yet another split is released. This time 'Into the World's Oppression', a 7" split with a fellow Maltese band called Thy Legion is released.In 2011, Prayer of the Dying release the album 'In Silence and Grief We Decay'. POTD then release another split with Demorian from Sweden. 2012, sees Martin joining the band Sarratum. Sarratum release the album 'Flaggelation of a Saint' in 2012 and Martin Ciappara's other band Black Vulture release their first album 'Darkness Fills the Earth'.

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