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Peklectrick is the name of the studio-based solo project of former dripht guitarist Patrick Galea.

The project is an eclectic mix of guitar-driven music with abundant doses of reggae, some blues and a little funk. The music comes wrapped in socially conscious lyrics, a punk rock ethos and a tongue that is firmly stuck in cheek. Surreally speaking, it is the sound of the Clash meeting Beck in Jamaica to discuss the blues over some scotch. The music is what award-winning producer David Vella referred to as ‘so cool it’s almost illegal’.

In 2007 Peklectrick released his debut album Reclaiming Space comprising ten rhythmic and energetic tracks, varying in styles from anything between dub and rock. From the funky retro feel of ‘Six strings’ to the sunny chops of Camara Reggae the variety of songs represent the essence of the project which put simply is just a Patrick being eclectic. The tracks are articulated in a laid back, speech-like vocal delivery that is introspective as much as it is agitative. Lyrically, the songs deal with a variety of socio-political themes, with topics ranging from global justice issues in songs like ‘World Trade Blues’ and ‘ASAP’ to the ironic treatment of the local political scene in ‘Jerry Wonders’. This somewhat serious lyrical content is contrasted by a playful approach to the recording process, opening up a world of sampled guitar cases, percussive use of office supplies and a general delight in using squeaks, coughs and other noises to complement and enhance the music.

The project’s inception came about half way through 2004 when right after launching the Dripht EP, which featured the award winning local hit ‘Mark Barnsley’, he parted ways with the rest of the band in pursuit of a recording-centred solo career. The parting of ways was, however, only partial, as the rhythm section of Dripht enthusiastically pogoed its way on ‘Reclaiming Space’ as special guest musicians. Michael Briguglio, plays the drums on all songs while il-Fre plays the low notes on March/March. The album was recorded at Temple Studios, in various sessions between July 2006 and April 2007 and was produced, engineered and mixed by David Vella. Other guest musicians include Julian Grech from Frenzy Mono who delivers kinky keys on World Trade Blues and Jonathan Abela who slides the trombone on Camara Reggae and Reclaiming Space.

Peklectrick is currently on an indefinite hiatus taking care of other business, contemplating his next move and drinking tea.

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