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Pawlu Tanti was one of Malta’s top entertainers for many years and became involved in local politics later in life.

Tanti was born in Cospicua in 1936. From a very early age he started singing and taking part in plays.

Late in the sixties Pawlu Tanti founded the band The Joymakers. Tessie Farrugia accompanied the group for most of the seventies. In a span of around 15 years Pawlu Tanti recorded seven singles, the most popular were the smash hit Baby Ġoġo and Il-Pupa Tiegħi.

In 1994 he successfully contested the Cospicua Local Council elections as an independent councilor and became the locality’s first Deputy Mayor. Towards the end of his life he hosted a number of radio shows on community radio stations.

Pawlu Tanti was married to Angela Deguara and they had four sons, Paul Jr., Reuben, Ismael u Ephraim.

He died on 9 August 2005 at the age of 68.