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Pawlu Carachi was a journalist and politician.

He was born in il-Birgu on 29 April 1926 Carachi was educated at the Lyceum. In 1941 he joined Allied Malta Newspapers Ltd. where he was promoted from salesboy delivering newspapers to reporter and later assistant foreign news editor and assistant night editor.

Carachi joined the Malta Labour Party in 1960 and was appointed assistant editor of the of the party's weekly, The Voice of Malta. His next job was with the General Workers Union were he was the first deputy editor of the daily newspaper which he named L-Orizzont. He was also first editor of the of the GWU's English newspaper, Malta News. He is credited with launching the tabloid style for newspapers and investigative journalism in Malta.

Parallel to his work as a journalist, Carachi was also a member of the Malta Labour Party National Executive Committee, serving as its assistant international secretary for several years. In 1962 he unsuccessfully contested the general elections, but he was eventually elected in 1966 and 1971. He withdrew from politics when he failed to retain his seat in 1976.

In September 1979 Carachi resigned from the Union Press to work as editor for various other organizations, In 1984 he was employed as producer and broadcaster in the newsroom at Xandir Malta, where he served until his retirement in 1987.

In 1995 he founded and lead the Moviment Balzani għal Kunsill Lokali and successfully contested the local election held in March 1996.

Paul Carachi was married to Evelyn Attard and together they had two children, Mary Rose and Alex.

He died on 31 August 2006 at the age of 80.