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Patrick Bonnici

Patrick Bonnici born on 15 August, 1978 - lives at Gwardamanġia and he is an Actor.

Ever since he can remember, he always had the passion of watching movies - the acting, stunts, special effects and all the emotions transmitted were simply fascinating for that little boy. However he was a very reserved and shy person and eventually this had impeded him in taking part in school plays or moreover everbe involved in any drama .So basically it was just a dream that stayed in the closet, until 2014, when he had asked his cousin , Mario Gatt, an established local actor, to advise him when he would be having any filming so that Patrick could go and watch the whole process.

To his surprise, Mario had got back to him advising the date and time but little he knew that Mario had arranged for him to do a couple of scenes with SquarewheelEnt.! It was a matter of it’s now or never for Patrick otherwise this dream would have just rot in the closet.

Anyway, Done the part – not bad for the first time ever. A few months later, again, Mario Gatt had, asked him if he would like to be part of the cast for a pageant drama and that was the final push he needed. He managed to make some good contacts during the performance week, out of which David Rizzo of Darc Productions and Christine Ellul, production manager at Watermelon Media.

Patrick Bonnici and Ray Abdilla

In July 2014 he took a course in Drama followed by a 3 day workshop course with darc production. In the meantime Watermelon had contacted him for 2 scenes (speaking) in iċ-Ċaqqufa (Season 2 ).

However in July 2015, it was the crowning glory since watermelon had been in touch again for another few scenes and after filming these scenes, Mr.Pierre Portelli, owner and managing director of Watermelon Media had informed Patrick that he was very pleased with his skills and he would then evolve the character until he had finally reached his first milestone that of having a main role in one of the best leading dramas on the island. To compliment all this he was approached by other productions to do some scenes, which very willingly he accepted so that he could improve his skills and gain more experience in the field.

Patrick Bonnici

During 2015 he got parts in Rifless, Il-Patt by Darc Productions and Strada Stretta by SharpShoot Media and also theatrical plays such as Mrar and Yehudahby CG Productions at St. Vincent De Paule theater.

This Year he played different roles in Intriċċi a Herman Bonaci Production and Tereza another Watermelon Production. Patrick explains that In this industry is not as easy as it seems to become an established actor but luckily enough he managed to succeed in a very short span of time. Today he has a main role, that of a lawyer, Dr. Felix Gatt in iċ-Ċaqqufa (Season 3) and this role has become his trademark. This role has enabled Patrick to get on the front line and very enthusiastically he explains that he has no option but to look forward for more success.

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