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Pandora Zues’s

Pandora Zues' born on 31 st January, 1964. Interest in Greek mythology inspired her in choosing this name. A naturally creative and talented person with artistic hobbies ranging from painting, acting, singing, sewing, hairdressing to makeup, she also performs these trades as a living.

Ruth’s family an interesting mix, hails from Australia, England and Greece, Pandora's grandma even spoke to her in Latin.

Musically inspired by her late father, a saxophone player in a band at weddings, he could be found playing at the most prestigious hotels, restaurants and festivals in Malta. Pandora often joined her father at music concerts, restaurant or wedding. Once, whilst her father was playing she ran towards the band stage and started singing, this surprised the audience who clapped vigorously for Pandora Zues. This was her first stage attempt, singing to Cliff Richard's ‘Congratulations’. Pandora's congratulations opened a box full of surprises and life changing opportunities. When she was young, her dad bought her a taperecorder and microphone so that she sings professionally. Her parents were constantly supportive of her, watching her sing and dance to her own music

Ruth’s mum, a tailor specialising in wedding dresses, a teacher and a sewing instructress, passed on the trade to Pandora who used to watch her mother's spinning skills and copy. Since childhood, Pandora Zues used to use fabric left overs to create doll's clothes.

Since childhood, Pandora Zues, named Ruth performed various sports, music and acting in which, she gained several leading roles whilst still at secondary school. Ruth played football, practised gymnastics, studied economics for which she won several prizes. At her 13th year, Pandora Zues sufferred coma during an accident and stopped studying for a whole year. Once she got better, she joined her classmates, this helped her normalise. Pandora Zues wanted to become a nurse, assisting in operations, but after this episode, she studied Art, Music and economics. Pandora found her niche winning several school competitions, winning school prizes in economics, gymnastics and needle work.

Pandora haphazardly withdrew from her studies early due to her father's health, she started working to help her mum to buy food and other essential things for the family. Ruth supported her family including her three younger brothers to further their schooling. Traditionally, people believed that a girl can find a rich man and marry, but boys had to further their education to secure a decent life for themselves and their wives when they get older.

Pandora Zues first job was in a factory, and whilst her friends were playing, pandora was sitting for her entry examination. A week later, at the factory's notice board, Pandora Zues found a dancing competition advert. Deciding to participate, Pandora won second prizes, cheered by her new friends at work, helped her heal her wounds of leaving her school friends to support her family.

Pandora Zues passion for singing and studying music, self-taught her to study lyrics she found in magazines. Her favourite artist was Elvis Presley, but now she listens to Madonna, Lady Gaga and sometimes Maltese singers as well.

Pandora got married, had two kids, Samuel and Noah and kept working as a hairdresser to sustain her family. Having several satisfied clients amazed by her talent of creating top styles and innovative hairdos lead her to loyal clientele. As she was brilliant and efficient at her job, Pandora Zues had the chance to work better and invent new hair styles. She also made samples for foreign filming companies to take abroad, which served as marketing strategies or souvenirs.

Being a hairstylist, never challenged Pandora Zues from being a musician playing different instruments such as Violin, guitar and drums, often performing at various hotels playing for audience. She played music and created music using her own DJ kit.

Being an active and innovative person, Pandora Zues invents new ideas, where the passion of singing and playing music was the only thing which helped her relax and be positive in life. This musical passion helped her describe things undescribable in words. Music for PandoraZues was a relief to her broken heart and busy mind, helping giving herself a sense of joy and best moments of happiness.

At her hairdressing salon, Pandora Zues had various fashion shows, always crowded with clients. Once, a man entered her salon looking for some help with clothes, he admitted that he was not there for clothes but to inquire her if she wants to be an extra in movies shot in Malta. He was a camera man filming the blockbuster gladiator. Pandora Zues, suprised, only believed her luck when she saw pictures of gladiators and exotic animals. Some days after, the Head department of filming in Malta called Pandora Zues and asked her to start working with them and later work with other films companies in Malta.

When Pandora Zues was with her kids at home, she created new ideas to make her family happy and sometimes she made singing shows. This makes a sense of joy life to them, expecting anything from their mum with a crazy hairstyle. Over time, the children learnt to appreciate their mother's creativity, being always the first in supporting and complementing her.

Despite her outgoing personality, Pandora Zues' personality is sensitive and humble. She does not like creating problems, nor conflicts or even seeing people suffering. A kind person who loves family gatherings and connecting to each other, PandoraZues has had tge opportunity to help several people during difficult times, sometimes even during accidents.

Pandora Zues has also assisted in lifesaving situations wanting to be remembered, loved and be a good memory to people who know her. Her dream is to build a hospital so as to help people.