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Owen Bonnici

Owen Bonnici (born 15 August 1983) is a Maltese actor who produces and presents television programmes.

He has lived in il-Birgu since he was 13.

Owen started working as an entertainer at Rinella Movie Park where he met Sander Agius as a co-worker. After Rinella closed down, he worked as a production assistant for the TV programme Mini Bugz.

His first job as TV presenter was in Zinners, the prime time show on Net TV in October 2003. After that he presented A-70, a teens programme on Net TV. In April A-70 will be two years old.

In October 2004 Owen set up Zoo with Sander Agius, Daniel Chircop and Claire Agius Ordway to produce live comedy shows, but they also had a huge success on TV with TeleTubi.

Bonnici presented updates from the greenroom during the Malta EuroSong 2010, providing some comic relief as the performers waited for the votes to come in.

Zoo appeared live at the Mediterranean Conference Centre on Sunday 12 February 2006 and w at the Suncrest Hotel, Qawra on Friday 17 February 2006. The troupe split up in June 2013.

His first appearance post-Zoo was in the One TV production One Night Stand in 2013.