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Of The Owl - Daniel Genuis (l) and Nick Morales (r).

Of the Owl is a Maltese duo formed in 2011.

The duo started off as a part-time fun project for old friends Nick Morales (nosnow/noalps, Dripht) and Daniel Genuis (ex-Bitterside) while playing around in Daniel's home studio The Candle Room.

Nick and Daniel have been played together in the band short-lived band Oblong around 2001. After deciding to try and re-record some of the old songs they wrote together back then, it slowly started evolving into more song writing and experimenting in the studio.

I Mean It, I Want It was one of the first tracks they wrote together during these sessions and they released it as their first single. The track was released for radio airplay in Malta in September 2011 and appeared on Toni Sant's 270th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 17 September 2011.

They are now (late 2011) writing more songs for a possible album in the near future and also getting a band together to perform some live shows in 2012.

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